Role Play
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Are there parts of yourself that want to come out, but are held back by self-judgement and societal mores? Role play can be a safe, healthy, and fun way to let those parts express themselves. In play, they will have their chance to be on the stage, and those voices will quiet in "regular" life.

I love the opportunity to sink into a role. These are my favorite fantasy archetypes to play with:

  • The Amazon princess loves having prisoners to manhandle and ravage.
  • The femme fatale secret agent is waiting to torture all of your secrets out of you.
  • The sensual tease will smile in her power over you.
  • The sadistic sex therapist will certainly make you a better lover!
  • Your best friend’s mommy is so friendly — but you can’t tell anyone.
  • And the bitchy babysitter knows you've been a bad boy who needs an over-the-knee spanking!