Private play sessions start at 2hours / $500
$200 for each additional hour.

For private structured play, we will meet in a beautiful and well-equipped professional play space, la Maison de la Maitresse, centrally located in San Francisco. Parking and public transportation are minutes away.  

Or I will come to you at your upscale hotel with a suitcase packed to fullfill your fantasies.

I do not offer same day appointments. When you contact me, please keep in mind that I will need time to review your application and schedule a phone conversation with you. Our connection will be enjoyable and unhurried from the very first moment we speak.

I respect language as a powerful tool and have these requests for you to be aware of when you communicate with me:

  1. Please do not address me as Mistress before we have met. I want that title to have meaning for us, if we choose to employ it at all. I will let you know when I think it is appropriate.
  2. I do not refer to my clients as "my slaves" or my training as "slave training" unless it is within the context of a particularly negotiated scene.
  3. Please do not tell me that you have no limits. It is not true and hearing it is not a turn-on for me. You may not know what your limits are yet, and that's perfectly fine. We can explore it together.