My Commitment

I believe in a practice of sensuality that is conscious and responsible. I have made a personal commitment to bring the following elements to our play.

  1. Safety = surrender.
    I provide a safe container for your vulnerability. The physical space and the "mental" boundaries of the scene are set up so that you will feel relaxed, safe, and completely surrendered. I want your body to be a toy in my hands, and I make sure that all details are taken care of so that you can let go of any need to manage your experience. Relax and I will take control.

  2. Creativity.
    I will find ways to bring out those parts of you that are longing to be seen.The scene is an opportunity for me to use my creativity and express those parts of myself that want to come out and play.

  3. Real connection & honest communication.
    I have absolute respect for your desire to surrender. I admire the inner strength that it takes for you to embrace your vulnerability, and I will offer you my honesty in return. I will respect your limits and be clear about mine.

  4. Sensuality.
    I love the opportunity to luxuriate in my sensuality and power over you. Have you ever watched a cat toy with a mouse? You will undeniably feel my authentic enjoyment.

  5. Mythic moments.
    I will bring an intensity which leads to a sense of our play being larger-than-life... mythic. You will feel alive! After those heights of intensity, the lighthearted connection we'll end with will feel especially sweet.

    I believe that our exploration into our darker desires can be very therapeutic and liberating. However, I am not offering therapy. If I put you on my "couch", it is as fantasy role play only, and should not take the place of work with licensed professionals. Though I may naturally bring some of my NLP training into our session to help you feel more free and relaxed around your desires, this is not formal coaching of any kind.