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At my first burn I enrolled into a disciplinary school for spoiled princesses run by a handsome New Yorker. He went under the name of Tinkerbell and specialized in homemade erotic tickle torture devices. His first homework assignment demanded that I walk back to my camp naked and look everyone who passed me in the eye. No “hiding”. And, I did it. In the Burning Man environment, it was almost no big deal.

I took that feeling — that ability to be bold — home with me.

Yes, there are high-quality classes, presentations and “parties” in BDSM, kink, and conscious sexuality in that desert nowhere. (And low quality ones too!) Over the years I have attended amazing classes hosted by the experienced players and teachers at the Den of Iniquity and the Temple of Atonement. The Den’s Pony Play class last year was definitely a 2009 highlight! But, alas, neither of those venerable institutions are doing events on the playa in 2010. (The Den will return in 2011.) So what’s a kinky camper to do?

Check out these camps instead. Some of them are well-established, and some are fairly new. Write back to with your rants, reviews, insights, and images.

Suspended Animation, camped at Baghdad & 7:30, provides a first-rate space for full suspension and floor bondage, staffed by expert riggers. If you want to experience being suspended or practice your rope skills, this is the place! Find their full schedule of classes and demonstrations at
Pleasures of the Flesh University, camped at Cairo & 4:30, is a Pleasure Spa and Institution of Higher Learning for hedonists, offering a bachelor degree in kink.
Camp Conduit, Edinburgh & 3:00, will be giving away sun hats and hemp bondage rope and doing knot tying demos.
PolyParadise and their famous Human Carcass Wash will be at Edinburgh & 4:30.
Retrofolic (the Place of Pink, Pain and Pleasure), Cairo & 7:30, will host a nightly play party in a comfortable space equipped with electrical massagers, vibrators, violet wands, floggers, bondage, massage tables, St. Andrew’s Cross and a knowledgeable staff willing to share knowledge and guide.
Scarbutts Cafe will wake your ass up in the morning! Serving spankings and solar-brewed coffee, 10-11:30am, Tuesday - Friday,
Playfully Yours offers a “softer and more sensual dungeon experience” and an 8 foot chain Charlotte’s Web in Sin City. Contact
Sore Nipple Camp ...well, it’s clear what they do. Contact:
Spanky’s Wine Bar claims to take a “humorous” approach to bondage and BDSM. Contact:
Camp Beaverton Home for Wayward Girls offers a safe play space for women who love women.

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