Oct 27 2015 On Secrets, written for Pervette.comCategory: General     01:18PM   0

“Radical honesty,” I used to say to myself. “That is my road to freedom.”


I am an experimenter. I won’t tell you about all of the “research projects” I’ve pursued on the path towards enlightened sex and spiritual growth. I’ve lived in a commune. I’ve practiced tantra everyday. I’ve taught women how to stroke cock as a business. And I was completely open about all of it.


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Nov 18 2011 Re-reading The History of Sexuality (Michel Foucault) and loved this passageCategory: General     07:32PM   0

so much I felt the need to type it all out:

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Jul 28 2011 Tips for Tens: CBT Electroplay with the ErosTek, by Haven WildeCategory: General     01:00PM   0

The following is my article in the August issue of Growing Pains:

With a quick turn of the dial, your submissive is reduced to a toy in your hands — what a powerful feeling!

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Jun 1 2011 Animal Role Play: Horsing Around with Identity, by Haven WildeCategory: General     11:32PM   0

From the June 2011 issue of Growing Pains

Animal role play is one of the fastest growing subsets of BDSM, says Liliane Hunt, a professional Mistress who counts pony & puppy play as part of her specialties. “There is so much one can explore thorough pony or puppy play. Bondage, fetishism, sadomasochism, exhibitionism, training, discipline, the possibilities to explore are wide.”

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Aug 1 2010 Kink Camps at Burning Man 2010Category: General     11:49PM   0

At my first burn I enrolled into a disciplinary school for spoiled princesses run by a handsome New Yorker. He went under the name of Tinkerbell and specialized in homemade erotic tickle torture devices. His first homework assignment demanded that I walk back to my camp naked and look everyone who passed me in the eye. No “hiding”. And, I did it. In the Burning Man environment, it was almost no big deal.

I took that feeling — that ability to be bold — home with me.

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