About You

If there was no shame and nothing to hide, what would you want?

You have fantasies. Dark desires. My fantasy is to be the goddess in your life who can and will create your fantasy.

I love the moment when I feel you let go and relax into my control. Maybe this will be from the first moment you walk in the door. Maybe it will be when I strap my collar around your neck. But when it happens — and it will happen — in that moment, I’ll feel your surrender, and my heart will throb. It is a gorgeous gift to give me and I am moved and honored by the trust in which you give it.

I’ve received many beautiful thank you letters after sessions. But even more touching have been the things that my clients have said to me in those soft moments, relaxing after play. Here are quotes from men that moved me:

"In these scenes with you, I’m surprised by the things that I want,
… and even more surprised by how badly I want them."
- from A

"Not kissing you is way hotter than kissing most people."
- from R

"I wasn’t expecting “profound.”
It’s like walking through a museum of your own experience."
- from S

"I didn’t think I could take it, but I wanted to please you so badly,
I was willing to take anything." - from D

"With each stroke that landed I felt this circuit of energy flowing between us,
and I could feel you in the stroke, like you were expressing yourself in me."
- from Steve

"I love your creativity.
Everytime you do something completely different and equally amazing."
- from B

"The look in your eyes right before you turn the dial and hurt me...
to quote Mastercard, it’s priceless."
from C