About Me

When I found this clear and clean way of practicing consensual power exchange as a professional domina, I knew I had found my calling.

I am a caring and curious person, who wants to understand you. In my negotiations, and before and after scene, you'll find me to be warm, playful and supportive.

Tantra and BDSM was a personal passion, not something I ever dreamed of doing professionally - until a long-term play partner told me, "When you dominate me, I feel like I get the best and truest part of you. You should be that all the time." And so I did.

I perfected my technical skills with Cleo DuBois, Eve Minax, and Selina Raven at the Academy of SM Arts. I've had bondage instruction with Midori, The Two Knotty Boys, and Lee Harrington. I continually attend classes and workshops to advance my skills. Each moment I spend with you refines those skills.

I served as Editor for the Society of Janus for 3 years. Janus is the Bay Area's oldest non-profit dedicated to education around consensual power exchange. My work for Janus gave me the opportunity to contribute to the leather community and continually research the wide world of play.

I am trained as a sex and relationship coach by the Somatica Institute. I have studied NLP, hypnotic language patterns, and personal transformation through ritual. This training and experience have shaped my unique approach to your erotic dominance.

It was my college obsession with Michel Foucault that ignited my passion for exploring power and sexuality. I have been inspired by his belief that it is through transgression that we affirm the limitlessness into which we leap.